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Philip J. Gimson is a passionate advocate of citizen involvement to force accountability in government. “Stop Pretending America” is his first-non fiction book. He is also the author of a murder mystery, detective novel, “Paper Story,” initially published in the early 1990s. Gimson has also written four unpublished screenplays and is now at work on his second non-fiction book.

If you Care about Democracy this is a Must Read! 
The Author Shows How: 
    • The Press Failed in Covering the Biggest Corruption Story in the History of the U.S. Presidency
    • There is virtually no corporation in America that Would Hire one of the Front-running Candidates
    • Conspiracy Chasing Election Theories are Costing Taxpayers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars
    • Ron DeSantis and Like-Minded Politicians are Working to Make Your Kids Dumber!
But this Book Offers Strong Doses of Hope!  
  • You Can Play a Role in Exposing Conspiracy Chasing Buffoons! 
  • AI and Machine Learning Will Promote Truth in the Media! 
  • Millenials Will Lead this Country out of the Darkness! 
  • You Can Even Get Political Pollsters to Ask the Right Questions!

If you think American Democracy isn’t vulnerable, this book will help alert you to the very real threat of dictatorship close at hand that threatens to obliterate individual rights and crush the mandate of the voting majority.

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Why Are Millions of Americans Stuck in a Delusional Reality?
The roles some political leaders and the media play dividing and deceiving our republic is put into perspective in this arresting book on personal and institutional freedoms whittling away. Democracy is America’s most precious resource—but millions don’t seem to care, watching it gasp its last breaths.

Who’s to Blame? What’s at Stake?
America is on the brink. Taxpayer dollars are burned, trying to change a historical fact. Some media have become willful disinformation agents, manipulating minds and playing on fear. 
Stop Pretending America: An Outsider’s Guide to Healing the Sickness on the Inside in Elections and the Media exhorts readers to consider the price we end up paying:

  • Voters (even Republicans) getting disenfranchised
  • Some leaders and bad actors readily using fraud to overturn voter mandates
  • Our best and brightest getting fired or censured, standing up for truth
  • Extremists, riddled with self-righteous zeal, eagerly awaiting calls to arms
  • Divided media coverage perpetuates two unbridgeable realities
  • Conspiracy buffs keep chasing down ever crazier, illogical rabbit holes

In America’s darkest hour, the author addresses what’s at stake: challenging readers, providing practical tools to obtain answers on whether widespread 2020 election fraud enabled “The Steal,” while holding the media’s feet to the fire. This book piques and penetrates, leaving no room for ambivalence or complacency, regardless of your political party affiliation. Nor can any of us stay on the same path, headed for a dangerous cliff. We must unite—or face the very real threat of America’s Civil War II.

Political Outsider Philip J. Gimson was a reporter-editor before transitioning into PR, real estate and recruiting. At age five, he watched TV reports of JFK’s assassination with his father, who escaped Nazi Germany’s collapsed democracy in 1939. This historical link framed his father’s views of American government—in turn the author’s. Residing in Pennsylvania, Gimson coaches retired and enlisted military personnel seeking new careers as a volunteer.

Book Reviews

Robert Berkman
Robert Berkman
Passionate and Informed Critique of US Culture and Politics This book is a very well written description, analysis and prescription for action by Americans to retake their country given the current dysfunction in our politics. As a media studies professor and journalist, I particularly appreciated the book's cogent analysis of the role our media plays in perpetuating the problem. Nice work Mr. Gimson!
Only TRUTH about the election! Methodical detailed untangling of the election result circus and it's endless layers. Provides super clarity of multiple facets and a inspires readers to recommit to not only the theory of democracy but outlines practical ways to restore faith and ongoing accountability of elected officials.
Steven Smith
Steven Smith
An Excellent Read! Mr. Gimson writes a fluid, intelligent and insightful guide about the problems facing elections and the media in today's American society. I wholeheartedly recommend it. The over 200 pages just fly by. The author does not use language that is above the reader's head. It's a smart book that provides much needed insight into our government, news sources, and the politicians in play. Mr. Gimson also provides extensive resources for readers to contact their government representatives and well-watched media personalities. This book can easily be read in 2 days or you may choose to savor each chapter by taking your time. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
A Passionate Plea for Sanity Can American democracy survive? Can we break through our partisan narratives to look at simple facts and evidence? What can we do to start healing the sickness in our electoral system? Gimson tackles these questions head on, presenting research, observations and a passionate plea for action. He lays out simple steps that can be taken to demand evidence of election fraud from government officials and media outlets, actions that can--and should--be taken by Democrats, Republicans and Independents.
John Wargacki
John Wargacki
Well-documented read on our fraught political environ with a detailed roadmap toward fixing it. Gimson's well-documented text on the pressing threats to our democracy are insightful and convincing. He spares no one person or organization a share of the blame as to how we got here, including everyday voters. As importantly, he provides a clear guide (via substantive letter writing) for greater accountability and making a tangible difference. Regardless of one's party or politics, the author's plea at the end of his introduction is an urgent clarion call: "Hear me out."
j young
j young
A thorough and fact-based guide to understanding what is happening to our democracy. Very good analysis of Jan 6, voter fraud claims and election conspiracy. Whether you are Republican or Democrat Phil's book will help you understand how our democracy is in peril and how you can take steps to build back our democratic system.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
A Balanced Look at Our Democracy that is in Trouble... I'm happy that you recovered from your illness so that you were able to get your thoughts down on paper. I try to understand what is happening to our country but I continue to find myself at a loss as to how people have fallen under the spell of trump. I'm someone who spent 61 years in earshot of Manhattan to have known the horrors of trump and his minions since Ronald Reagan's 2nd term. The nightmare is real. I try to watch Fox for at least one hour a day in an effort to understand the immoral minority. I don't get it. I never will. None of the media channels are perfect but only one lies outright. I look forward to seeing a new book or updated edition after the DOJ is done with him.

Money’s Not the Only Thing Bleeding at Del Guarini Paper. A once great family-owned company, Del Guarini Paper is steadily going into the red – blood red. No the company’s got relatives in no-show jobs on a “wax dummy” payroll, their head of security watched his work boots melt when a disgruntled former employee showed up to pour acid on the timeclock and their CPA has never successfully balanced his books. But the business of keeping the company afloat has become murder, as one by one, someone begins picking off the other Del Guarini brothers. All the killing triggers a life-changing wake-up call for the company’s chief counsel, Arthur Van Gloss, a guy whose spent more time at the race track than the law library. At 42, he’s a mercurial, womanizing slouch who desperately wants out of the legal profession and doing the Del Guarinis’ gophering. As the murders put the fear of God into Van Gloss, he begins following his natural instinct for reading other people and connecting the dots on the trail to find the killer. As the resourceful Van Gloss learns to trust those instincts and overcome that has plagued his failed legal career, he also undergoes a moral transformation from that of an incorrigible and self-absorbed cad to a mature, caring soul who suddenly discovers the key to his own heart. Packed with comic scenes and irony, “Paper Story” takes the reader through a fast-paced, suspenseful journey as Van Gloss tackles overwhelming odds and the prospect of career-ending mistakes in hopes of unraveling the mystery of the Del Guarini Paper company murders. But to solve the cae, Van Gloss knows he has to sacrifice everything, maybe even the only love he has ever known.

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Stop Pretending, America!: An Outsider’s Guide to Healing the Sickness on the Inside in Elections and the Media

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A native of New Jersey he now makes his home in Pennsylvania and is an ardent advocate of the need to preserve American democracy. For the past three years he has regularly devoted his time to career and interview coaching of active and retired military and their spouses seeking to transition into the private sector through, a non-profit organization. He served for 5 years on the board of trustees of the New Jersey Chapter of the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, and served one year as that organization’s co-chairman/president. Gimson has an M.S. degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of journalism and a BA in English Literature from Columbia University.